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Teacher, First Year Teacher, and Staff Member of the Year

Megan Jensen
2013-14 Teacher of the Year
Megan Jensen, music teacher, was chosen by our teachers to represent them as our Teacher of the Year. She was honored by the Aiken County School District in May.
Mrs. Jensen has been at East Aiken School of the Arts since 2009.  In addition to teaching general music, she also is the advisor for No Boundaries, East Aiken School of the Arts' all boys choir and directs the chorus for 3rd through 5th grade students.  The chorus presents two musicals a year in collaboration with the dance club. As a member of our arts steering committee, she has been instrumental in the development of our after-school strings scholarship program which allows all of our students the opportunity to receive quality strings instruction.  Her tireless efforts and devotion to the strings program have had a positive and lasting impact on the lives of many children!  The difference Mrs. Jensen is making is evident by the smiles on her students' faces as they gain self-confidence and a sense of belonging.

  Catherine Hasty Beck
2013-14 First Year Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Beck, fourth grade science and math teacher, has high expectations for student learning and behavior.  She uses various instructional strategies to engage students in their own learning.  She is very dedicated to her students, teammates, and the teaching profession.  Mrs. Beckhas a great desire to improve her teaching skills in order to meet the needs of all her students.  Her dedication to her profession and willingness to learn led to Mrs. Beck's selection as our 2013-14 First Year Teacher of the Year.

Velma Brown
2013-14 Staff Member of the Year

Velma Brown, student aide, was selected by her fellow workers as our 2013-14 Staff Member of the Year. Mrs. Brown is responsible for the Behavior Management Room and provides invaluable assistance to the children and adults at East Aiken School of the Arts.
Mrs. Brown is greatly appreciated by faculty, staff, and students at East Aiken School of the Arts.