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Transportation Changes/ Notes

If your child does not have a note (signed & dated), we will send him/her home by bus or car according to the registration card. If a car rider needs to ride a bus or a bus rider needs to go to the car line, you must send a note with the child. We cannot take changes by telephone or by email!

Bus Procedures

Bus Supervisor: Sharon Harris 641‑2507

Pre-K-2nd Graders

It has been a longstanding policy of the Transportation Department of the Aiken County School District to require that students in grades K-2nd only be released from the supervision of the bus driver to a parent, adult guardian, or older sibling.  If a parent, adult guardian, or older sibling is not visually present at the bus stop, the driver is required to return the student to the school and the supervision of an administrator.  If your child is returned to school three times, he/she will lose bus riding privileges for the remainder of the semester.  If a third offense occurs near the conclusion of the first semester, the administration has the authority to deny bus privileges for the remainder of the school year.  If you want your child to get off with another adult or older student, you must send a note to the school giving your permission.

 Bus Behavior

Bus drivers cannot concentrate on their driving duties when unruly passengers distract them.  A driver must give his/her full attention to the roadway. Listed below are some of the student behaviors that are important for the safe operation of our buses:

§  Show respect to the bus driver and cooperate with him/her at all times.

§  Get on and off the bus in an orderly fashion ‑ no pushing or shoving.

§  Remain in your seat until the bus stops at your destination.

Violating the rules listed above and causing other conditions that prevent the safe operation of buses are not permitted and the following will result:

First Offense – Warning to students and bus discipline form to parents advising them of such misconduct, unless the offense is of a nature which, in the judgment of school officials, warrants a suspension from riding the school bus.

Second Offense – Suspension from riding the bus for a period of up to one week depending upon the nature of the offense; discipline notice to parents.  In case a student has already been suspended, the suspension time will increase.

Third Offense – Two weeks suspension from riding the school bus.  Conference at the end of this period among parents, assistant principal, bus supervisor and student will be required before bus privileges may be restored.

Fourth Offense – If after a third offense, a student persists in uncontrollable conduct while riding a school bus to and from school, he/she will then be suspended from riding any bus for the remainder of the school year.  In such cases, all circumstances will be thoroughly reviewed by school officials before the action is taken.  Once the action is taken, it is appealable only to the Aiken County Tribunal and the Aiken County Board of Education.  If the misconduct is of such a nature that the driver cannot finish the trip, he may return to school so that immediate contact may be made, or he may stop to telephone either the assistant principal or the transportation supervisor.

Please remember bus riding is a privilege, not a right! 

It is expected by the administration that the driver will report all incidents to the assistant principal.  Bus students are under the supervision of the bus driver and are considered to be on school grounds as soon as they are at the bus stop and/or on the bus. When students are dismissed at the end of the school day, instructions of the teacher on duty should be followed.

 Bus Routes and Schedules

Route and schedule information is available at 641-2507. Hazardous road conditions due to inclement weather may cause disruptions to the bus routes and time schedules.

Permission to Ride Another Bus

Only students registered with the transportation department with assigned bus stops will be permitted to ride the bus.  Students will not be allowed to ride with friends or to unassigned bus stops.

The Area I transportation office can assist with questions about bus routes/stops and may be reached at 641-2507.