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East Aiken School of the Arts

After School Arts Programs



Ø East Aiken School of the Arts has a full inventory of instruments for student use.  Students taking guitar must have a guitar at home to practice with.

Ø Parents and students are expected to keep the instrument in good working condition.

Ø Students are expected to attend each after school arts class prepared with their instrument or proper dance attire.

Drop/Add Date:  Friday, February 7th

Ø Please respect the drop/add date concerning your child’s enrollment.


Ø Parents are expected to pick up their child on time.  This includes younger children who are not participating in the after school arts programs.  After the third late pickup, student can be suspended from the program. 

Ø All payments are made out to the instructor, NOT the school.

Ø Cash or Checks (made out to the instructor) should be placed in an envelope with your child’s name, grade, and instructor’s name on it.  Ms. Jensen and Ms. Power cannot touch money, so please do not send it to them.  The best way to pay your instructor is to give it to them when you pick up your child in the car line.  The instructor will give you a receipt at the end of the next scheduled lesson.

Ø If payment is late, we will send home a reminder letter.  After one month of not receiving payment, you will receive a letter stating that your child cannot come back to the program.

Ø Parent observations are encouraged.  Please speak with Ms. Power or Ms. Jensen to schedule a time to observe.

Ø The Aiken County Code of Student Conduct will be enforced during the after school arts program.  If your child violates the Aiken County Code of Student Conduct during the after school program, his/her scholarship and involvement in the program can be revoked at any time.

Ø Mark your calendar:  Spring ArtsFest is Thursday, May 22nd at 7:00.